DUCTZ — Mechanical Hygiene Inspection Services

MechanicalThere are occasions, after an initial, standard inspection of commercial or residential buildings in Louisiana, where DUCTZ specialists will recommend a mechanical hygiene inspection. This process facilitates a more thorough inspection of surfaces within air systems that have the potential to contain mold, bacteria and/or fungi infestations, yet cannot be reached using standard inspection techniques.

Using a robotic and/or fiber-optic borescope, DUCTZ professionals are able to view, in detail, entire conveyance systems within any facility. Using photographic documentation discovered during a mechanical hygiene inspection, staff members are then able to:

  • Pinpoint areas that may be of concern or that may, in fact, be contaminated
  • Provide clients with detailed, written reports and recommended remediation service
  • Prioritize recommended remediation services and service areas
  • Provide clients with follow-up presentation reports

Mechanical hygiene inspections are performed only by seasoned remediation specialists who are trained and certified members of the DUCTZ staff, providing you with quality, professional services and answers to any and all of your remediation questions.

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